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Friday, July 19th, 2024 at Emerald Valley Golf Club

Cheat Codes


Pre-purchase cheats to help your game!

Mulligan: An extra life. One more shot at glory!
No limit on amount of mulligans purchased!

Lob Grenade: Similar to a mulligan, this allows a player to lob their ball onto the green instead of having to try that tough chip or chip from the sand. Player purchases before play.

Teleport: Hole #7 – Your team may start on the edge of the green

Package: A cheater’s perfect package deal! 2 mulligans, 2 lob grenades, and 1 teleport.

Additional information

Cheat Codes

Mulligan – $10, Lob Grenade – $15, Teleport – $20, Package (2 Mulligans, 2 Lob Grenades, 1 Teleport) – $60